‘He’s good. Really good.’ – Nick Harvey composer for BBC, Channel 4, Sky etc. 

‘I always love working with you. You’re always a breath of fresh air’ – Jo Brigden – Director

‘It’s a stunning track Sam!!!!! Great work and you totally captured the spirit!!! We are honoured to share your awesome track’ – SampleHero – samplehero.com

‘Englands answer to Hans Zimmer’ – Jayne Dolloway

‘I really enjoyed how on the ball and up for it you were even though I threw crazy demands at you and you just went for it… really really impressed!!’ – Gareth Halfpenny – Director

‘Hauntingly beautiful.’ – Judie Shore

‘Absolutely class mate!’ – Matt Jenner

‘Amazed by your versatility and work rate.’ – Rob Myles – Director

‘Sam this is amazing… cant believe you made this… happy bloody Gareth!’ – Gareth Halfpenny – Director

‘Brilliant! So atmospheric – really talented’ -Alison Nicholls

‘You’ve been a massive win for this project, really elevated the overall feel of all the films’ – Rob Myles – Director

‘The doggy’s wotsits’ – Paul Shore

‘Fantastic work man. Have to say I actually got a little emotional when he died at the end. Sign of a job well done!’ – Rob Myles – Director